• Cam-LokStylish slimline design
  • Locking and non-locking
  • Suitable for PVCu, Aluminium & Timber
  • Lateral and vertical seal compression
  • Powder coated Gold or powder coated Silver
  • Solid diecast construction
  • Easy fixing
  • Night vent and flat plate keep options
  • Available in Black, White, Chrome, Gold or Brushed Steel

Cam-lokCam-Lok Dimensions


Colour Locking Non-locking Flat bottomed diecast keep (11.5mm)
White JBC351/W1 JBC350/W1 JBC354/W1
Chrome JBC351/C1 JBC350/C1 JBC354/C1
Gold JBC351/G1 JBC350/G1 JBC354/G1
Brushed Steel JBC351/BS JBC350/BS JBC354/BS
Black JBC351/BK JBC350/BK JBC354/BK

Spare Key: JBC438

Colour Flat bottomed diecast keep (8.5mm) Rehau keep (ovalo bead)
White JBC355/W1 JBC277/W1
Chrome JBC355/C1 JBC277/C1
Gold JBC355/G1 JBC277/G1
Brushed Steel JBC355/BS JBC277/BS
Black JBC355/BK JBC277/BK

Spare Key: JBC438