A Fabulous Work Experience Week!

girls pic

We would like to thank two wonderful students who entered our 2024 work experience program this week. They experienced roles in assembly, accounts, sales, marketing and technical design. When they were set the task of making personalised bottle cap openers on our 3D printer, the results were outstanding and both were thrilled to take home their achievements. They also confidently presented their marketing strategy to our team and even teachers from their school came in to watch it.

We would like to wish them luck in their upcoming exams. Your futures look bright girls! We thought it only right to dedicate this month’s blog highlight to them and the rest of the wonderful women in the world of manufacturing. To Read the full blog click here.

In other news, we have successfully completed the latest BSI assessment. So a huge thank you to all of our team involved in that. To quote from the assessment, ‘everyone demonstrated a good knowledge of their roles and responsibilities and everyone spoke with enthusiasm.’ We are proud to have such dedication here at J Banks’.